For Princess McKenzie

Written & Illustrated by Dad.

Once upon a time, not so long ago,
there was a magical kingdom with an eternal rainbow.

Its beautiful gardens were lush and green,
and in a grand pink castle reigned a King and a Queen.

The royal family ruled thier land with care,
teaching hard work and kind hearts in the lessons they shared.

They had a young Princess, and though cherished by all,
she learned a sad lesson - that a Princess can fall.

The Princess’ behavior had not been good,
for she didn’t help others or share when she could.

She didn’t take care of her shoes or her gown,
and she refused to clean her jewels or her crown.

When politely asked to tidy up her mess,
“I’m too busy playing” she’d blithely confess.

The little Princess' behavior wasn’t always so bad,
she just hadn't been thankful for the gifts that she had.

And, taking things for granted created a problem one day,
which taught her a lesson by behaving this way.

The family valued manners, so they agreed to a plan,
and they worked together on a decree for the land.

A Royal Behavior Decree ~(House Rules)

Too bad for young Princess, she did not take heed,
for she was too busy misbehaving to hear what was decreed.

The Princess had trouble the very next day,
when her hoard hurt a page causing royal dismay.

The page was vexed by the woeful sight,
and even his horse was taken with fright.

So, they galloped back with terrible news;
no caring, no sharing, not even clean shoes!

The Princess was charged and ordered to court,
to reply to a claim of behavioral tort.

The Princess mumbled and fumbled as she stood on the stand,
but had no excuses for her behavior at hand.

She had no friends to help her, not even her brother;
it could have been different if she would have been helpful to others.

The crowd was quiet as a decision drew nigh,
and then the Queen spoke after a long sad sigh;

“We taught you to respect our royal decree,
but you disobeyed, so an UNPRINCESS you'll be.

You can choose what your future will hold,
but until things change we're keeping your gold!"

The royal guards seized her gold, toys and dresses,
her castle, her crown and even her messes!

The UNPRINCESS learned a sad lesson that day,
but now she behaves in a respectful way.

A final message and this story is through,
from a fallen princess with a caution for you;
"Always work hard and act in a kind-hearted way,
so you won't become an UNPRINCESS one day!"